Ski touring on Mount Aragats, Kari Lake ,Armenia

Armenia is one of the most oldest countries in the world, so when you have the opportunity to visit it, for you are heading to the highest peak, Mount Aragats. (4090m above sea level).


We started our hiking from Byurakan ( 1500m) and after 12 hours of ski hiking we arrived at Kari Lake ( 3200m).  Was a hike of 19 km long.

Accommodation : a vintage hotel there, not amazing conditions but its open in the winter.

Restaurant: No

Distance: 38 km( up and down)

Duration: 12 hours going up ( strong wind conditions about 60 km/h)

2 hours getting down

Equipment: ski, avalanche kit, ice ace, ice crampons, rope




3 thoughts on “Ski touring on Mount Aragats, Kari Lake ,Armenia

      1. Indeed, Greece, like many more countries have unique and stunning locations. The best of Greece is that there are mountains so close to the sea side, that during spring time in the morning you can go for mountaineering (or skiing) activities and in the afternoon you can enjoy a swim by the sea side.

        Enjoy the outdoors and your travelling.

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