Multi-pitch day in Turzii Gorge, Hans Gora

Hans Gora route is located in Turzii Gorge, about 40 km away from the big city, Cluj-Napoca.

It is rated as a 3B and it bolted.

First pitch it`s about 55 meters and has a rotpunkt of -7 UIIA . First it goes a little bit to the left and in about 8 m you will see a rusty ring, after that it goes slightly right over thresholds until you get to the rotpunkt. After passing it the route goes little bit in the left getting to the first  pitch.

Rusty ring

After the first pitch the route follows the ridge and goes a little bit in the left of a moutain window. Right before getting here there is a 6/6+ UIIA step.

The window

After this it, the ridge continues and after 8-10 meters we descend in a saddle climbing and going out to the memorial cross where you can find spits. From here we go a little bit to the right were we can find spits and chain, used as rappelling point. 20190829_21014620190829_202450

Going to the rappeling point

Topo and more info :

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